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You can make local, long-distance or international calls and even GSM calls from your home or office at the most economical rates with Eser Telekom.

Telephone Services for Corporates
By using the telephone gateway equipment connected to the switchboard at your office, or via the Internet connection or a data circuit established between your office and Eser Telekom you can make calls at an advantage offering up to 50% discount rate.

Please call us or send a message to start to use Eser Telekom benefits including detailed invoice or 7'4 technical service.

Eser Telekom which is the most experienced and reliable operator in the sector will find the best solution for you in a very short time.


Telephone Services for Individuals
It is possible to use and benefit from Eser Telekom telephone services without having to change your calling habits from home and without dialing any area code. An automatic dialer that is connected to your phone or the existing modem you use for connecting to the Internet and by changing the modem that is connected to your phone to a modem that has a phone connection port will make it possible for you to call anywhere with Eser Telekom advantages.


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